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Documents & Files
Document Archive 2016
Date Posted Title / Description
11-23-16 Resolution for Final Notice & Termination of Service click here
10-19-16 NYPA Resolution click here
10-19-16 Res change name of HF LDC click here
07-20-16 Res to relevy Sewer Bills click here
07-20-16 Establishing a Separate Board of Police Commissioners - Click Here
05-19-16 Wholly Exempt Properties 2015-2016 - Click Here
05-19-16 Adopted Water & Sewer Budget 2015-2016 click here
05-19-16 Resolution to Relevy Water Bills  click here
05-19-16 Resolution Budget Amendment 2015-2016  click here
05-19-16 Tentative Budget 2016-2017 click here

Resolution of Adoption-Budget 2015-2016 - click here


Adopted General Fund Budget 2015-2016 - click here

04-26-16 CDBG 2017 Public Notice Public Hearing - Click Here
04-26-16 Notice of Hearing Greenway Compact Community - Click Here
04-26-16 Notice of Special Meeting reorg and tent budget - Click Here
04-26-16 NTB grass cutting service - Click Here
04-26-16 LL 1-2016 NOA - Click Here
04-26-16 RENTS AD - Click Here
04-21-16 Resolution Final Notice & Termination of Service - click here

CDBG Resolution 2017 Application Board - click here

4-13-16 Annual Reorganization Meeting 2016  click here
3-25-16 Resolution Intent to Establish Lead Agency click here
2-23-16 Notice of Hearing Amendment to Zoning Law click here
2-23-16 Lead Agency Amend Zoning Remove Condominium as a Use click here
1-13-16 Resolution to Request The Reform of NYS Public Education Funding click here

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