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Our Proud History
The Village of Highland Falls, New York was established in 1906 in two formal steps. The first took place in a vote for incorporation, held on Saturday, October 13, 1906. The second was an election of Village Officers in November of that same year........
From the beginning in 1906 until 1927 the leaders were called "President"
Christian A. Muller 1906-1908 William J. Duffy 1908-1911 George W. Flood 1911-1912
John S. Likely 1912-1914 Joseph A. Adolph 1914-1916 Charles H. Dickey 1916-1921
Leo Graber 1921-1922 Charles H. Dickey 1922-1924 Chester Weyant 1924-1927
From 1927 to present the leaders were known as "Mayor"
William D. Stewart 1927-1929 Leo Graber 1929-1931 William D. Stewart 1931-1933
James G. Davis 1933-1941 John J. Walsh 1941-1947 Chester Weyant 1947-1951
Myron M. Brogi 1951-1953 Chester Weyant 1953-1955 Lorentz J. Graber 1955-1967
King James Weyant, Jr. 1967-1968 Samuel A. Graziano 1969-1971 King James Weyant, Jr. 1971-1980
Benedict J. Eazzetta 1980-1985 Inga M. Quaintance 1985-1993 Joseph E. D'Onofrio 1993-2013
Patrick Flynn 2013-2017 Joseph E. D'Onofrio 2017-present  

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